Registered Agent and Annual Meeting

How Fresh Legal Perspective Can Help

To fully enjoy the benefits of corporate and limited liability structures, there are some necessary formalities that must be observed on a regular basis. Failure to follow these requirements may result in negative consequences for businesses.

Every corporation and limited liability company conducting business in Florida must have a registered agent available to accept legal service at an in-state location during normal business hours. The name and contact information of the registered agent must be updated on a regular basis.

Every corporation must hold an annual shareholder meeting and keep annual meeting minutes – even if there is only one shareholder.

Fresh Legal Perspective wants to help protect its clients by assisting them in observing and complying with these requirements.

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What is a Registered Agent and Why do I Need One for My Corporation?

Florida law requires that upon filing for corporation status in Florida, a corporation must submit the name and address of its registered agent. This requirement usually extends to foreign corporations wishing to transact business within the State of Florida.

A registered agent is the point of contact for receiving certain tax and legal related documents. The registered agent must be available at an in-state location during normal business hours. If a business’s registered agent or the address at which they are located changes, the corporation has an obligation to update the registered agent contact information with the State of Florida.

If I Formed a Corporation Under Florida Law, Am I Required to Hold an Annual Meeting?

Yes. Florida law requires that corporations formed under Florida law hold an annual meeting of shareholders. The bylaws of the corporation may dictate when and where the meeting should take place. Florida law does not require that shareholders of the corporation attend the annual meeting in-person as long as they can effectively participate in the meeting. The annual meeting provides an opportunity for shareholders to amend the articles and bylaws of the corporation, approve any resolutions, appoint directors and officers, and address other necessary items of business.

In addition to holding the annual meeting, minutes of the annual shareholder meeting are required to be taken and retained by the corporation. There is no requirement to file the minutes with the State of Florida.

Do You Have a Question Concerning Registered Agents or Annual Meeting Requirements?

If you are interested in starting a not-for-profit or a for-profit corporation in Florida and have a question concerning the formation of your corporation or if you have a general question concerning Florida’s business organization statutes, contact Fresh Legal Perspective to set up a consultation.

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