Business Litigation

Try as we might to structure business transactions and agreements as well as possible, as we learned from Murphy, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.


What if a business owner sells their business to a buyer, promises not to compete with the buyer, and then continues to operate a business in the same field? Or what if a partner sells his share of the business to another, but the selling partner does not complete payment in the manner specified in the buy-out contract? What if you are being sued for non-payment by a vendor for services that were not properly performed?


Just as there are an endless variety of businesses and professions, there are a myriad of potential business disputes that require justice and resolution. The vast majority of business-related disputes revolve around the enforcement of a contract or the breach of a contract.


Contract enforcement and business litigation are complex areas of law that demand a skilled attorney who understands both business transactions and litigation procedures to address all the legal issues at hand. From drafting a letter of a demand, filing a lawsuit with the court, or attempting alternative dispute resolutions like mediations or arbitrations, having a diligent business attorney on your side will offer the peace of mind to know your best interests are being protected.


Whether it involves contracts, corporate documents, negligence, fraud, or any other matter, scheduling a consultation Fresh Legal Perspective will help you understand the various options and remedies available to you during a business dispute.


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