Non-Profit Organizations

How Fresh Legal Perspective Can Help

Serving in a leadership position for a Non-Profit Organization as a board member, executive director, or staff member can be a very rewarding experience. However, it can also be a daunting task, whether you are just starting and trying to file for a tax-exempt status or need guidance to properly safeguard and set up emerging programs or are undergoing organizational changes.

Non-profit organizations have to face the same types of legal issues as for-profit organizations, and, all the while, maintain compliance with the Internal Revenue Service rules for non-profit organizations.

Fresh Legal Perspective understands the complexities of non-profit entity structures, tax compliance, and board governance. If you schedule a consultation, the experienced business law attorneys at Fresh Legal Perspective can provide legal counsel to guide and protect your non-profit organization so you can focus more time and energy into accomplishing your mission.

Some of the Common Issues Faced by Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations must register at both the State and Federal levels before they can accept tax deductible contributions, and some of these registrations must be renewed on a regular basis. This registration process can be quite time consuming. With professional assistance, the process can move forward quickly and have the best chance of being approved without revisions.

A non-profit organization’s board of directors owes a fiduciary duty to the organization. These duties call for board members to perform due diligence prior to making decisions and to put the non-profit organization’s interest ahead of their own when making decisions as a director. The best practice is to provide board members with a Conflict of Interest policy and a written procedure guide.

When working with volunteers, accidents can happen. A waiver of liability can help to protect the organization from liabilities associated with the use of volunteers. It is important to note that a waiver cannot protect the organization completely, but it is an important component of a complete protection plan.

Our firm can assist not only in the creation of a Non-Profit Organization, a Conflict of Interest Policy, or a Volunteer Waiver of Liability, but also with other vital legal services like bylaw review and revision, drafting contracts, drafting independent contractor agreements, developing the best structure for social enterprise programs, and more. To learn more about how we can help protect your non-profit organization, please contact us today.

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